Monday, July 27, 2015


Until last Friday, we as a clan, had never done any kind of "amusement park" for LOTS of reasons.
1. Expense
2. Lines
3. Propensity towards motion sickness
4. Tiny kids

But our dear friends (who up and moved away) gifted us a wad of tickets to New Hampshire's one and only Storyland, we decided, what the heck! Let's throw caution to the wind, pack some puke sacks and motion sick meds and go!

And go we did.
And we're off!

It was nearly three hours from the house, so that of course meant that we had to stop three time for various reasons.

Once we got there, it was of course raining. This meant that there were less people hanging around. SCORE.

Off we went.

Okay, so total honestly time: I was a little creeped out upon entering Ye Olde Storyland. The front of the park is like... well, you know in scary movies when bad things happen at creepy amusement parks?


Riding inside a creepy pumpkin carriage. 

But onward we pushed, and quickly discovered that there were LESS creepy parts of the park, with LOTS of fun things to do.

Phew. Relief.

So many rides were ridden. Because I was the designated baby-holder, I rode very few rides, and the ones I did ride made my bones ache. I'm OLD, okay? I get it.

Derek was amazing though, and rode and rode and rode. His motion sick meds worked, as did everyone else's and NO ONE THREW UP.
Derek is the best dad.

Hang on. What???

I'll say it again.




We played the day away. Lines were blessedly minimal. Rain fell, and fun was had by all.
Then we went and found dinner at a fabulous and inexplicably empty southern BBQ restauarant then wended our way home. Frederick was D-O-N-E by about an hour from our house. Too bad so sad little dude, we kept on keeping on.

Saturday was spent in the post-fun-grumpy-hangover, but really, it was worth it. We really did have a great time.

I'm not signing up for a yearly pass or anything, but we did have fun.

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