Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Well, hello

So, it's not that I don't WANT to blog. Honest. It's just that things are so utterly miserable that it seemed silly to write it down. But fine. I'll tell you. Winter. It has beaten us. Winter wins. We lose. The house loses, Derek's poor shoulder loses from breaking up ice on the roof. My grumpy, tired, pregnant hips lose. We lose.

New England winter has beaten us. The ceilings are leaking due to ice dams. The driveway has been snow blowed more times than we can count. The chicken run is entombed in seven feet of snow (this actually keeps the poultry warmer), it's nearly March and STILL going below zero.

We lost power last week, our generator is still broken. That little mistake earned us a $2700 pay out for a new water heater. (Buh-bye tax return. Buh-bye.)

We're so very tired. And sore. And cold. The kids can't even sled anymore. Took much snow.

Basically, I'm dreaming of summer.

This little dude is due in four weeks. Spring is scheduled to begin in four weeks.

We have pinned much hope on four weeks from now.

Just gotta make it four more weeks.

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