Sunday, January 4, 2015

Christmas 2014 and New Years

Oh Christmas! You were great. We had so much fun. Low key most of the day. New toys, lots of time to play, and then two extra families for a huge HUGE Mexican feast. We just barely finished up the leftovers. Christmas is my favorite. 

Santa came. 

New tosy!! 

Too cool! 

A purse. A purse with a puppy in it. What could be better? 

Not one sibling was in the same place this Christmas. No matter. GROUP SKYPE! My parents missed out since they were on a cruise. But we all got to chat with my missionary brother, Josh. It was too fun. :) 

Then we went a week later and celebrated New Years Eve. We lasted until 10pm. Here are the kids with my friend *who has six boys and two girls of her own* popping the bubbly for our celebration. 

Ezra was EXHAUSTED. I'm not sure he'd ever been awake that late before. 

Now, tomorrow is back to real life. School, extra curriculars, etc. Just a long, cold winter looming in front of us. I'm trying really really hard not to be depressed about this. 

I'm not really succeeding. 

Happy 2015! 

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