Friday, December 5, 2014

Happy Birthday Ezra

We have exited the realm of Ezra as a three year old and entered Ezra as a four year old. Not too much has changed from one day to the next, but a year in rewind makes it clear, Ezra has gone from a toddler to a big preschool sized kid.

Ezra continues to love sports, basketball far and away his favorite. He is excited to be on the basketball team for kids his age starting in January. He is learning letters and their sounds and numbers. I'm glad we're passed the difficult three years old stage. He was a pretty chill three year old for the most part, but still, onward and upward.

For his birthday, Ezra decided lunch at a local diner and bowling would be just right. So, that we did. This was the first year in the last three that Derek was home and not out of town for Ezra's actual birthday, so we were able to celebrate on the day of. FUN!

Truthfully, Ezra was a bit of a grump on his big day, but we managed to help him celebrate. By baths tonight, he declared, "I like my birthday today, Mom," so I guess we succeeded.

The sadness I feel at how fuzzy this picture is... oh my. But I did manage to capture the vague idea of Ezra's "form" whilst bowling. Oh my gosh. 

Birthday singing, and his poor scratched face. 

The big "four"!

Presents! So much help from older brothers too. 

Happy Birthday Ezra Lee! We love you. :) 

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