Monday, November 3, 2014

October Wrap Up

I blink and a month has passed. At the same time it takes endless patience (which I lack) to survive each day. Bed time, even on the best of days is met with a sigh of relief. We made it through the day!

October treated us beautifully. Really, the blessings are abundant.

Our month had celebrations of multiple kinds.

First, we found out what kind of baby #6 is. We laughed SOOOO much.

Of course he's a he. What else would he be? 

We enjoyed the leaves changing with incredibly mild weather, and celebrated Halloween multiple times. It was declared from boys all that Power Rangers were the thing this year. So, yeah. Power Rangers. Not my fave, but cute kids nonetheless. 

We did the ward Trunk or Treat ANNNND Trick or Treat here in our little town. It was awesome. The town takes candy donations throughout the month of October, then distributes them to the residents on Main Street and everyone in the whole town trick or treats right on Main Street. It's magic, like a movie. We had so much fun. 

October was awesome. Now we're into the chill of November, trying not to dread winter. (We are dreading winter.) November is a month with two birthdays and my second favorite Holiday! So, we have lots to look forward to still. 


{B} said...

HA HA! Poor Miriam! She'll be so lucky with all those brothers. :) Glad everything is going well!

Morgan Hagey said...

Brie, I know. I actually really wanted a sister for her, just because I can't imagine life without MY sisters, but I can't fault this little man for being who he is. It's not meant to be. We'll take him. :)


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