Friday, October 3, 2014

We Love Autumn!

I blink and nearly a month has passed. Hello! Life here is moving along. Autumn has hit full-force with cool temps and famous colorful leaf displays in our own yard. The days are getting shorter while getting busier. It's a rare day when we have nothing scheduled. It's fun and crazy. The kids are learning (I hope) and the grown-ups spend a large chunk of our days asking where the puppy is and what is he destroying?

Really, I have nothing REAL to complain about.

Our little town had our fall festival last week, and it was so fun.

Basically, if we ever have to move, there will be much keening on my part. Holy crap, I love it here.

The fire department let the kids shoot the water hoses. 

Ezra at the fall festival.

Miriam shooting the fire hose. 

Ice cream! It was cheap! 

Oliver and Henry on the hay ride!

Henry on a horse.

Fireman Spencer. 

Now we are in the throngs of "What should I be for Halloween?" which is always fun, until I click "check out" on that Amazon cart. Then the debate is over. I am mean like that. Fall is a favorite around here. I hope it's treating you as well as it is us. 

Thank goodness for October. 

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{B} said...

Congrats on the healthy pregnancy! :)


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