Friday, November 14, 2014

Henry's Golden Birthday

Henry turned 9 on the 9th. In THIS house, this means it's his GOLDEN BIRTHDAY. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity to celebrate. Never again will he have a golden birthday. So that means golden decor, golden cake and fun. (When you're nine, I'm assuming if one's golden birthday is when they are 30, it's less exciting.)

We began his birthday celebration at a place with all the bouncy slides, etc. It's not my favorite place on the planet, but the kids enjoyed themselves thoroughly so who I am to judge?

His actual birthday we had golden ice cream cake (to be exact, he wanted ice cream cake with oreos, carmel, whipped cream and cherries. ODDLY specific, bu whatever.) And presents. Then a couple days later, he got the opportunity to use the gift cards he'd been given.

If you want to please Henry give him gift cards. The first of them came from his parents and was to Harbor Freight Tools. Free money to the hardware store means that he got to buy all the gadgets. He loved it. Then to the Walmart for toys. Oh he's so funny and careful. He THINKS about his purchases. It is great. And takes a super long time.

Basically, his birthday lasted for days, just the way he likes it.


Kim said...

Um, excuse me?! When did Henry get so big? He is so handsome and is looking less like a little boy and more like his!

mark lawrence said...

Ooh! Happy birthday to this cute boy! It seems like a really great party. I am also taking a look at a lot of rental spaces for parties now days for my niece’s birthday. Bounce games would be a great idea for the party. God bless him! He looks so happy!


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