Friday, November 14, 2014

Tom Turkey 2014

It's TRADITION. There isn't any way around it.

We love Tom Turkey. Thanks to crazy schedules and other things, it took us an extra few days to get him going. But here is is.

Taking pictures of five kids all at once, attempting for them to not kill each other in process and/or not look possessed is a task that I am simply not equipped to handle.

We love Thanksgiving around here. Reflecting on our blessings as the years ends is about the best way to start off the holiday season. We are grateful.

Without further ado, here is Tom Turkey + Kids 2014:

And because it's tradition, Tom Turkey + Kids through the years:


From Nov 2009

From Nov 2010

From November 2011


What can we conclude from so many years of Tom Turkey photos? My children are wacky, refuse to sit still and smile like normal humans even once a year for their poor sentimental momma. 

GO team. 


Trisha said...

What a cute tradition! And love the pictures every year. :)

Alice said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Alice said...

I miss Turkey Tom. I have many memories of him and those little kiddos. Miss you guys like crazy. I'm working on a teleport machine. Oh and I'm working on editing before publishing. Cheers.


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