Tuesday, December 31, 2013

To Bring it Home for Another Year

Wow, hello. Too long. I've been busy, we've all be dying of the sicknessess and it's just been crazytown.

Christmas was lovely, thanks so much for asking. We had my brother Caleb ad his wife here, and it was a low key, nonstress day. We ate pizza, like that's how not worried about it I was.

Opening presents:

Caleb and Lexi (BEFORE Lexi came down with pneumonia)


EXCITEMENT because Santa brought snow shoes!

Miriam caught on to present opening:

Miriam likes her sparkly purse.

Warm scarves and sleeves for playing outside.

They allll got Legos. Legos are everywhere.

Then a couple days later my parents, sister and her little dude got here and we did Christmas again.

More Christmas!


THEN Henry was baptized. That was good except in time between Christmas and the weekend, all my children, save Henry fell ill with what we assume is influenza.

So, it was good day. Except for the babies being so sick.

They are strange.

My mom being unimpressed with our taking her picture while she held the sick, pathetic thing that was Ezra.

Erin, pretending to ignore me while I took a picture of her mad-piano-playing skillz.

My cute daddy-o before they departed thence.

Henry opening his "comforter" in honor of his baptism, made by my mom, which I apparently need to take a picture of.

Miriam, sick. SO sad.

Ezra, napping on me while sitting up. Miriam,Still sick.

Spencer has been hit the hardest and is still sick a week later.

Additionally, my neck has somehow become so jacked up that turning it any degree to the right results in my crying out in anguish. Once again, my chiro is my boyfriend, and is saving me slowly but surely. OH the agony. Seriously. DYING.

Well. Ima going to go eat take out with my husband and share with my baby girl who is a night owl and heard we'd be having take out therefore couldn't be bothered to go to bed like her brothers.

Then, I'm going to bed at a reasonable hour and will wake up to a frigid New Year in the which I'll be doing pretty much the same stuff as always. I like predictablilty. It's a good thing.

Much love to you all. Thanks for peeking at our life. :)

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