Monday, December 9, 2013

A Birthday For Ezra

My sweet sweet Ezra is now three. His birthday fell, unfortunately on a day when Derek was out of town, and there just wasn't anything to be done about it. The joy of littles though, is they can't read calendars, so the day was lost on him. While I marveled at his bigness on Thursday, December 5, he went on as if nothing had changed. I supposed, really, nothing really had.

My brave, stalwart husband took a red-eye home Friday into Saturday, and so we were able to celebrate Ezra only a couple of days belated.

Ezra is very into Mickey Mouse and basketball. So, his birthday gifts reflected thus.

At three years old Ezra:

can fight and hold his own with his brothers quite well.
Is usually very loving.
has a tendency to declare those who don't give him what he wants as "naughty."
is short and lean still. (wearing 2t comfortably).
likes to draw, play with toys, and snuggle.
doesn't nap unless we drive somewhere in the afternoon. (SIGH).
loves to help with almost any task.
likes to have you read him books.
likes to pray.
loves nursery and is excited to be a Sunbeam in January.
is 100% potty trained (I'm so grateful).
loves french fries, tacos, fruit FRUIT FRUIT, doesn't love bread or carbs much, unless it's peanut butter and jelly.
is mostly a sweet, loving buddy.

Happy Birthday Sweet Ezra. We love you!


Brian and Kelsey said...

I can't believe he is 3! That is insane! I'm glad he still loves basketball but his height does not seem to be lending him to be a basketball player :-)

Heather said...

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