Monday, January 13, 2014


So. Months ago, I decided that perhaps we ought to expose our boys to you know, like sports and stuff. They do swimming lessons, karate and dance, but that's kind of it. They've never been on a soccer team, a baseball team, a hockey team... well, you get the point.

The thing is, Derek is like talented with sports. He can like catch balls when they come kind of close to him, and he can often throw it back to someone else with impressive accuracy. When given a basketball hoop and a ball, he frequently makes it into the hoop for a like a touchdown or something.

Me? HAHAHAHAH! I played t-ball in first grade and struck out because that's how I roll. In t-ball. Okay, technically I didn't strike out, but I did get out ALLLLL the time because I would throw the bat in my haste and glee at HITTING the ball and getting to run the bases. It took approximately 24 times of me getting called out before it occurred to anyone that maybe I didn't know the RULES of the game.

That was the end of my team-sports-career.

So. Team sports don't automatically occur to me as a thing to do.

I'm also entirely non-competitive. You wanna win? Oh my gosh I hope you do! I have no interest. Like. Uh. None.

So. Anyway, I realized that our four boys and a girl who all have half of their DNA given to them kindly by a man who DOES like sports, suddenly, I was painfully aware of the disservice I was doing my children.

I signed them up, that very day, for basketball in the winter. When asked upon registration, if I wanted to be a coach (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA) I signed Derek up instead.

Fast forward four months, and we have DEREK the COACH,  TWO officially registered basketball players (because it doesn't start until age 6) and three others who are chomping at the bit to play too. Seriously, I gently suggested to Ezra that he not go with Daddy, Henry and Spencer because he wasn't technically on the team, and he cried. So... yeah, I get to go to basketball every Saturday to let the littles play too. Even Miriam is insanely in love with the sport.

It's BIZARRE. It's weird to be the only one in the family who isn't like totally insane for the game. I'm all, "Yeah, it's pretty cool. It's all right."


Anyway. For your viewing pleasure, BASKETBALL:

DRILLS! (And Oliver's head)

Wishin' and hopin'. Poor guy wants to be ON THE TEAM.

Spencer, the blur

Oliver preferred wearing the whistle and being a coach.

Random adorableness. :)

So, yeah, um. GO TEAM? (I am SO bad at this!)


david hagey said...

Hahahaha oh my goodness I'm crying I'm laughing so hard. Grandpa's buttons are popping off with puffed up pride. Such a wonderful family. You, my dear Morgan, are a gifted writer. And have so many other talents that it's insane. Hugs love and all that mush....

david hagey said...

Oh yeah, this was Grammy.

Amber Cowan said...

So um, LEARN GIRL! Yes, sports were a big part of our growing up. Do not despair! Devin is 10 and has never been on a basketball/soccer/baseball team. We did 1 year of T-ball at 4 and that is it. Why? Because a lot of games here are played on Sunday. Go fig! Don't feel bad! You're awesome in your own right!


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