Saturday, November 9, 2013

And then Henry was 8.

So, my big smart boy is now EIGHT! He is so great, smart, sweet, helpful, funny, crazy, bright and loving. I am constantly  being taught HOW to be a parent, a mother, through him. My valiant boy, volunteering to come first, teaching me what to do. I always used to joke with Derek that whoever God sent us first would have to be TOUGH because we were gonna screw him up.

And he is and we are.

It's pretty awesome, really, watching your first kid learn to do stuff like read, write, but also to love God, to follow the spirit, and how to serve others. My prayer is that he continues to learn, continues to set an example, and continues to amaze me.

Happy Birthday my sweet Henry. I'm so proud of you.

Henry gets to have his first EVER friend-invited birthday party next Saturday. We're all very excited.

Poor guy is not feeling well today and he and his kitten Gus had a nap.

Now for his list. At 8 years old Henry:
liked Magic Tree House Books and can read them!!
loves Harry Potter.
loves The 39 Clues.
loved to build with Legos, Trios, math manipulatives, anything really.
adores tape, hooks, connectors, rope, sticks, you get the idea.
weighs 58 pounds (no idea how tall, MUST MEASURE!)
struggles with liking school.
is working on learning Jingle Bells on the piano.
learning to trust God.
getting baptized next month.
is a great bike rider.
makes super funny jokes.
helps me with minimal complaining.

Love you Mr. Henry!

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Stacy said...

Happy birthday Henry! Hope you have a fun party. We miss you lots!


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