Tuesday, August 13, 2013

On the Last Year With Miriam

For a year, we've been blessed with Miriam in our family. Oh what a joy she is. Miriam is an incredible little human with a big spirit.

I have loved the quiet moments and even the chaos that she has brought to our family and our home. She is a snuggle bug and a mover and a shaker. I am thankful for her energy. I didn't realize babies could survive and thrive and be bright and happy on as little sleep as she functions on. Then again, she is my daughter.

I felt fiercely defensive of her so many times this year too as people inevitably remark on the girl-ness of her nature. "Finally got your girl, 'eh?" was asked more times than I can count. Yes. I got her. No I don't love her better than the boys. She's not just my girl. She is my child.

What I wish I could say, when I smile and laugh with the folks in the checkout lane is, we never set out to get a girl. I love her because she is who she is. It goes much deeper than gender or sex. I can't explain this to strangers, but she is more than pink onesies and hairbows.

There have been moments in the last year, when as much as I cherish her babyhood, I ached for her to be older so she can tell me of her mission. What is it she was sent to do? I'm certain, though she'll forget and have to find her way again, that she knows. It is the only explanation I come up with for her being so... her.

Her spirit is bright and joyful. You can't help but love her if you meet her. She is blessed with a gift of a gentle kind way about her, and it has been lovely to watch it begin. I can't wait to witness her grow into it.

My heart expands immeasurably each time we welcome a new soul into our family, and my Miriam was no exception. "Miriam" means "wished for child" and also "beloved" and those terms could not describe her more.

It's not that my heart ached for a girl, no not at all.

My heart ached for her.

Happy Birthday, tomorrow, Baby. My soul sings in gratitude for your presence in our family.

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