Thursday, August 15, 2013

Miriam's Birthday

Birthday lunch! We took the kids to the lovely and ever healthy, Burger King for the playground and the cheap ice cream. We gave her a the tiniest amount of ice cream in a cone, which she scooped out immediately and then demanded a refill. It took several minutes for her to realize she could EAT the cone.
SO funny.

Then for dinner (we eat frequently around here), everyone's favorites, tacos and watermelon!

Sunshine Birthday Cake!

Helping blow out the candles.

Yes, eating wrapping paper is the most effective way to get it open.

Daddy brought home an extra present!!

Miriam picked out this little baby doll at the store, and she LOVES it. It cracks me up.




At one year old, Miriam:
says "book", "kitty", "mama", "dada", "yeah", and "done"
answers every question you ask her with either "yeah" or a shoulder shrug/raised hand and a "huh?"
Crawls and is trying valiantly to walk. She is so close.
Has two little nubs that barely qualify as teeth.
Is not a great sleeper, but also the easiest sleeper in that I can transfer her from place to place. If only she'd sleep through the night.
such a smiley happy girl.
loves her brothers, even when they get a bit rough.
loves to "read" books.
is peanut at just 17 lbs.
loves our animals.
is a sweet joyful love.

Happy Birthday, Miriam!

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Nicole said...

HA! I just finished (late, of course) my big post about RJ as his birthday was 8/8. And now I wander over here and get to read about Miriam and her birthday. So sweet. I can't wait to meet her and all of you in a few weeks! Our August babies are the whole reason I even connected with you in the first place. :)


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