Saturday, August 3, 2013

Dear Spencer,

Six years ago, you came slowly into the world. I should have KNOWN then that any baby who poked along as you did would be pretty easy-going. And now, here you are, the time has flown, and you are six, about to be a first grader. How???

I love you Spencer.

The night before, we did the decorating.

I was astounded at Spencer's care and work on his mini-cake. Cake Boss would be proud!

A room full of little BOYS decorating cakes was hilarious. Lots of frosting was used. LOTS.

Water games. It was SUPER cold. We all froze.

So fun! So chilly. Hose water + 70 degrees. BRRRR.

The kids loved cleaning the whipped cream off each other.

My first experience with fondant. Spencer wanted the ocean. NAILED IT. It wasn't impossibly difficult, but it wasn't super pretty either. It worked out fine. Thank you marshmallow fondant and YouTube.

Birthday singing!


Happy Birthday to my Spencer. At six years old you:

Are working on your piano skills.
Getting pretty good at reading.
Throw a fit every single time you're asked to clean.
Are a sweet big brother most of the time.
Love to play with super heros and guys.
Are not too terribly interested in learning to ride a two wheeler.
Are adored by your family.

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