Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I Don't Care, I Love It

I am offended by all the school supplies in stores. IT IS STILL SUMMER!!!!!! I know, I KNOW people are going back to school already in some places, and in others it's just days away. Our own online school STARTS TOMORROW.

All over the internet people are bemoaning the end of summer.


I mean, it is July 31 for crying out loud. When *I* was a kid, school didn't start for at least two weeks after my birthday (August 19, mark your calendars, Ima be 30. HOLY CRAP!) and nowadays (just call me Grandma), whippersnappers are headed to the bus stop before my birthday. I never spent a single day in all my life in school on my birthday.


Now, in people's defense, you can't help the school schedule, nor can you help that your children are driving you batty with no structure and no one other than you to tell them to sit down and shut up. Oh, this I understand. Just yesterday I was fantasizing about placing each of my children on the Hogwarts express, not to see them again until Christmas Holidays. (Don't worry, I'd send them lots of owls).

But, I'm remembering the grind of winter, of the cold and wet. I'm not in a hurry to commit to daily school work on a larger scale. It shall remain SUMMER here for at least a bit.

We are NOT starting our new school year tomorrow. We are still doing some reading and math from our books from the previous school year and that will suffice for a couple of weeks.

Summer is short and fleeting. Soon I'll be snowed in and wishing it would just melt already. So, I am ignoring the piles of notebooks and pencils at the store, and thanking my lucky stars for summer.

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Derek said...

If we were to send our children to Hogwarts, we would be professors there just so you could see them all the time. Owls would never be enough for you.

Jeanette said...

Yes, keep ignoring them at least 'till they go on clearance--that's what I do anyway.

Allison said...

I think stores use a different type of commercial calendar that is sometimes, not one, but two seasons ahead of time. I was at Hobby Lobby this past Monday and was shocked to see that they already had Christmas stuff on the shelves. No lie.

Morgan Hagey said...

Holy cow, Allison! That is craziness.

Jeanette! Yes, very good plan.

Derek, you're probably right.

Julia said...

My birhtday is Aug 20th and Imma gonna be 30 to!!! Almost twiners! lol! Happy birthday!

Morgan Hagey said...

Aw, Julia, look us, making the world a better place for 3 decades.


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