Monday, March 11, 2013

Potty Trained in Just One Day

So. This morning, we woke up bright and early and decided to use the potty.

And now, my sweet, smart Ezra is sleeping off the excitement of his "Potty Party".

Ezra did SO well with the whole thing. He LOVES being a big boy. His daddy brought him home Spiderman underwear, a POTTY BADGE and donuts in celebration.

All day long he literally said, "Bye bye diapers!" Oh my boy. He is just awesome.

And for the fourth time, I swear up and down by the "do it in a day" method,. It can't be beat.


Brian and Kelsey said...

Haha I love his face with his badge! I think you are right about the one day method. Seems the most painless way.
He is so big! I can't believe it.

Alisa said...

But do the kids have accidents AFTER?! I love the IDEA of in-a-day...but really, is it just like "normal" after that...where they have occasional accidents...or are they TOTALLY done? And you do diapers at night, etc? So curious! And what age do you usually do it? Ethan is 2 1/2 and has been "ready" for quite some time, thanks to infant potty training. But although we use very few diapers...there is the occasional wet underwear. ::sigh::

Morgan Hagey said...

Alisa, no kid is ever 100% accident-free are they? ;) To me it means we are DONE with diapers. NEVER again does he wear a diaper.

We do use training pants at night because nighttime potty learning can take until age six. (I've never had a kid take that long, but it's well within "normal".)

So, basically, if by the end of the day, he's got the jist, we call it potty trained. He knows the logisitcs. I have to remind him, but he also initiates. We've had a couple pair of wet underwear every day so far but every day he gets better and better. Today he is doing AWESOME!

I don't think any kid is 100% potty trained until they can 1. Get on the potty, 2. Wipe own tushie 3. Get off potty 4. Wash hands completely alone.

So. When he's four...

Alisa said... that case I'm feeling proud that my guy is "potty trained," in your opinion! Hahahaa! There are still those slip-ups on occasion when I think, "REALLY?! I mean...REALLY?! You know how to do this right!" Hahahaa! And yeah...100% potty trained...I think my 5 year old has stepped down from being 100%...lately claiming to need help with #2 of that list. Grrrr....

Way to go with the day-training! Wahoo!!

Jen said...

You rock! I should take tips from you--although I'm hoping with a girl it will go easier this time. Of course I think Grant needs a refresher course...a big relapse in accidents :(


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