Thursday, March 28, 2013

Happy Almost Weekend.

Hello! I took a week off apparently. Mostly because there wasn't much to say other than "I'm over winter" and "The children are acting like caged monkey" and "Chickens smell."

But here's a cute little diddy to take you into your weekend:

Thanks to potty-learning, Ezra sheds most of his layers by the time dinner rolls around. I don't remember the last time Derek came home in the evening to DRESSED Ezra. Here he is, cleaning up the wall apparently, in all his glory. It's really really funny because it's not warm at all, but he doesn't seem to mind the cold. 

Ok. That's all I got. 


BEK said...

That is funny.

Stacy said...

That is one cute baby butt.

And I love the white wainscotting. (Is that what it's called?)


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