Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Wrap-Up 2013

Happy April Fools! We're not observing today, because I FREAKING HATE APRIL FOOL'S DAY.

Thank you.

Instead, I shall tell you about our Easter.

It was lovely, thanks for asking.

Saturday we dyed eggs using the fancy schmancy shaving cream method. It was fun. And messy.
And you can't eat the eggs if you use this method. Hmm.

On Saturday night, it became apparent that I had no idea where the Easter baskets were. (Seriously, I need to unpack the friggin' basement.)

Derek was dispatched. He is BRILLIANT and came home with beach buckets, shovel included. The kids LOVED them.

We had an egg/basket hunt. The Bunny hid 82 eggs. They were ALL found (save a few stragglers still rolling in) in approximately 5 minutes. Then the baskets were found equally fast.

Those silver and gold eggs are a hot commodity. Much arguing.

(Spencer isn't in any of these pictures!!! I love him! I do! I just was perched on the couch, and he was a blur of egg-finding-stealth.)

It was a quick morning.

No one got new Easter garb, except Meem, because let's face it, boys don't give a crap, I don't need any new clothes (despite how badly I'd LIKE new clothes) and Miriam's dress was a gift.

Goodness she is cute.

The boys had a rough time at church coming from oh so much fun at home, too much sugar, lack of napping and general being-children-ness.

Church was rough.

But then we came home and a delicious meal of roast, potatoes, carrots, rolls, jello and fruit tart. Yes. It was delicious, even if I made it, I'm allowed to declare it thus. It was good.

Diet? What diet?

And then by then we were all fried, over-stuffed and kind of rolled our way to bed.

Today, my very favorite post-holiday-hang-over is in full swing.


One religious note regarding Easter:

I am the primary music leader at church which means I teach the music to the kids ages 3-11. And yesterday was a very cool day for music, because I picked a bunch of different primary songs with various subject matter and then had the kids connect each one in some way to the Savior. It was fun and the kids were incredibly insightful. Even the tiniest among them could understand how everything points to Christ. It was pretty cool. I loved it.

I love Easter. I love that my kids are getting old enough to actually grasp WHY we celebrate it. I'm thankful for Jesus and his atonement.

And I'm very thankful that March is done and perhaps, spring will find us here in April. Please? Maybe?

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