Sunday, March 17, 2013

Hagey Hens

For a very long time one of Derek and my goals has been for self-sufficiency. We've always ALWAYS discussed chickens, but they were continually put off because we were perpetual-renters. Farm animals and renting don't usually mix well.

Well. My bank account app tells me that we have a mortgage that we owe ALL KINDS of money on now. And it's spring. That means CHICKENS.

So, on Friday we hauled tushie over to the farm store to get the girls. We ended up "settling" for a mix of breeds because the breed I wanted was only available in "straight run" which means that the gender is a mystery. Could you IMAGINE six roosters? If was going to eat the chickens, then big deal. But our ladies are not for eating. So, ladies they MUST be.

Anyway, we'll see what we end up with breed-wise in a couple months, but for now, they are little balls of fluff (who's wing feathers are already showing at just 5 days old). They are residents of a rubbermaid tub under the school table.

Here is the viewing arena:

The big boys are allowed to "hold" the babes but the little boys have learned "wun-finner" as Ezra says, which means "one finger" so they are learning to be gentle. (I promise, it LOOKS like Henry is squeezing the crap out of this chicken but he's being gentle!)

The poor dog can NOT figure out what these girls are all about, but he is very interested. We aren't sure if he thinks they are food or what, so he is NOT allowed near them unsupervised.

We are anxiously engaged is scavenging pallets for the chicken coop, which will be all set for the girls as soon as it gets warmer and they get some good feathers. In the meantime, they are growing and making the cutest little chirps.

Dreams come true! It's the real deal, folks. Awesome.


Master P said...

You are soooo much braver than I am!!

Nathaly Blalock said...

This is so great, Morgs! I am totally a farm girl at heart. I will live vicariously through you and your little chicks and your big open land!

Stacy said...

I am seriously jealous. And very impressed that you have managed to keep the little boys away.


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