Monday, October 15, 2012


We are alive. Derek, after four grueling days made it to New Hampshire. 

New Hampshire is far.

All five children are clean and relatively happy, other than missing Daddy of course.

Yesterday, my mom came to church with us. Five kids is exhausting at church, rather reminiscent of a circus.

See? Exhausting!

The house is in shambles but that is true regardless of whether Derek is here or not. These little folks are determined destroyers. We clean it up every day, and I just accept it'll never be neat. I'm happier that way.

Derek starts today, actually thanks to a 2 hour time difference, he already has started.

He begins the difficult task of find us a place to live, tomorrow. Poor guy.

Here, we are continuing onward and upward.

We also continue to be grateful for Skype.

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