Thursday, October 18, 2012

An Outing in the Morning

We hadn't been to play ball at the good old rec center in months, not since long before Miriam came along. Summer meant more time outdoors, specifically at the park. So, it was time this morning.

See, my biggest challenge at this single-parenting thing (I have LOTS AND LOTS) is not wanting to murder my children when they get up before dawn for the day. They call this time "morning." I call it "insanity."

So, I've taken to setting my alarm for 4:45. I know. It's awful. But, that way I'm awake and up before they are.

In theory.

This morning, I was busy feeding Miriam breakfast at 4:45 so I was already awake. Then at 5:16 my children began making unearthly amounts of noise.

I was angry. I was desperately trying to get Miriam back down, they aren't supposed to noise until 6am, when the lamp (that is on a timer) comes on. My anger led me to ignore them until 6am, boilingly angry at the time.

Then when the light came on, I threw poptarts at them (I mean it, I chucked them at their heads) and hid in my room until 7am. But I was still angry. So, in a desperate attempt to NOT be angry all day, we went to play ball.

And it was fun. They ran and ran and ran.

Then, 35 minutes later, this was what they were doing:

This is what Miri thought of the entire ordeal:

Good times.

1 comment:

Amber said...

I had never considered putting a lamp on a timer before, as an additional alarm clock.

This possibility has blown my mind, and potentially made the daily 4:30 wake-up attempts of my life go much smoother.

Thank you, for your (perhaps unintentional) insight. =)


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