Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Then She was Blessed

Thanks to space-available flying by Derek's parents on a couple of days notice, we were able to throw together a family celebration for our Miri-girl to be blessed. Here in Utah, there wasn't any church held for the LDS folks thanks to a temple dedication instead. So, we had to bend the rules a bit and bless Miri Sunday evening over at the church instead of during Sacrament meeting.

It was an absolutely beautiful evening with a spectacularly special blessing bestowed on our baby girl by her daddy, surrounded by worthy family who love her.

This girl, like all my children, is ridiculously blessed. God loves her. This I know.

Anyway, it was 30 loved ones who came, ate delicious (yes, I cooked it and yes it was DELICIOUS!) dinner, and attended her blessing. Children EVERYWHERE, (I barely saw the boys!)  running wild. setting out our fancy dinner in the carport (WE ARE SO KLASSY!) and just letting everyone be together.

(Everyone walking to the church!)

It was the brightest, best day we've had in a long time.

Miriam was less than ecstatic about the day, having the hiccups makes her insanely grumpy, and she was plagued with quite the wicked case of them. Then she got very tired and sick of people bothering her for photographs. I ended up swaddling her up in her dress and all, and her sweet aunts passed her around as she slept. And tooted.

(Grumpy girl)

(Happy Papa, Happy Mama, ANGRY BABY!)

(Still has the hiccups!)

(Trying to sleep through the hiccups, getting blessed is SO HARD!)

We are so blessed with so many. This is the hardest part of relocation. I HATE leaving my people.

But on Sunday, we weren't dwelling on the inevitable departure. Nope. Just the love we all have for a tiny girl.

Good on ya Miriam.


Stacy said...

Thank you for letting us be a part of your family. Miri is perfectly wonderful, even when she has the hiccups.

Alisa said...

She IS blessed...to have you as a Mommy! You are looking FANTASTIC, Morgan :-) I wish my face was skinny after having a baby, like yours!!


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