Monday, October 1, 2012

A Field Trip

Life ran at a pace much faster than I could keep up with this week. It was a good week, but just very busy. Finally, on Saturday, we were all together, all in each others' way, the house was clean, which means there was only just a few minutes before it was utterly destroyed. It was time.

Time to get out of the house.

Shoes were found (why oh why is finding shoes so very difficult?), and we headed out.

Necessary errands were run, and then we set my little chickadees free. We found a new park very near our house, and they were off in a wink.

Sometimes, you just gotta get out of the house. I realize this contradicts my typical byline of "stay home unless absolutely necessary" because sometimes it's necessary for everyone's sanity.

Then we found a freaking awesome tree.

This picture doesn't do it justice. It took our whole family stretching arm to arm to get around it. Nature is cool.

That made the trip.

Tomorrow, I'll tell you about the vermin that are taking over my life.

1 comment:

Alisha said...

Parks are very important indeed. Glad you all could escape!


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