Wednesday, September 19, 2012

An Epic Announcement

Lately I've been wearin' my paintin' pants.

Well, thanks to my friend, Swing, I've had a few snippets of time here and there to help my main man, Derek, with a project that has been on the list of things to do for oh, about two years now...

We finally FINALLY got motivated to do the darn kitchen table refinish.

This is a huge big deal. The table is mine from childhood, so I suppose it's my parents' table, but they gave it to us because we have boatloads of small, hungry people to feed quite frequently throughout the day. (You know that e-card floating around that says, "WHY DO THEY WANT DINNER EVERY NIGHT?" Yes, this is my life.)

Anyway, it's too hot in summer, too wet in winter and so we waited and waited and waited.


Derek got a job offer. A FULL TIME JOB. After so much trial and difficulty and opening a a business and praying and graduating, he has a full time job.

Oh exciting.

It's in New Hampshire.

And he leaves in 22 days.

The REST of us are staying here until we can get our housing sorted out. I will move ONCE and ONLY ONCE.

So, I'm going to be a single parent.


I can't quite explain why it makes sense that is absolutely must get done now, I don't know. But in my mind moving/single parenthood=no time to redo furniture.

Priorities people. PRIORITIES!

But look how pretty it is now! Bright and white and oh so happy. 

Compared to this:

(Old pic from Oliver's birthday, but a nice one of how brown and beat up that poor old table was!)

I will mention that our eventual goal is to get all of the chairs done too, but come on, folks, let's not talk crazy.


Diane said...

Congrats on the job. Although I'm sorry it is so far away from your family. Good luck. Being a single mom of 5 while looking for a place to move to is no fun. Been there. Done that. Didn't enjoy it.

mjoray said...

So happy he got a job! I hope your house sells quickly. We just moved and I was away from my hubby. Sooooo hard. I will be thinking of you.

Brian and Kelsey said...

Looks good. Let me know if you want me to come babysit for house hunting.

BloggingBills said...

It looks wonderful. A lot better than when it was in the dining room!

Kim said...

Looks beautiful!

Kim said...

Looks beautiful!


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