Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Swinging (In a non-dirty way!)

Oh goodness friends. I gotz to throw this here post up with a quickness. Miriam isn't going to tolerate her swing too much longer.

Swing you say?

Yes. Swing.

See, many years ago, we bought a swing for Henry. He HATED it. Oh so much. In fact he continued to hate ALLLLL swings until after age two. Now he likes them.

Spencer liked swinging at the park, but didn't care for it as a stay-at-home activity.

Therefore, we gave the swing away, declaring that all babies of ours would hereafter and henceforth hate swings.

Enter Miriam.

This child. I tell ya.

She will NOT sleep unless she's moving. (Night time... we're working on.)

I can NOT parent four other children while bouncing her on my yoga ball.

I love to have her in the sling, but even that is not easy to do when you're cooking, doing laundry, etc.


Enter the swing.

I am generally anti-baby-devices. I figure, I got boobs, I got a sling, I got a car seat , I'm all set.

Well. Color me a liar. I friggin' love this stupid swing. Yes, I tell her darn brothers to stay out of/off of/away from the swing 87 times a day. But, know what? It's ok. Because my baby girl will NAP now. It's brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.

I love you, Swing. Thank you for your service.


Alisha said...

The swing is the only reason I ever survived. Seriously. Having to work almost immediately after having both kids meant I needed anything that could help and for me it was the blasted (wonderful) swing. Glad it works for you.

Nicole said...

Hey it's Niki, your new email buddy from BBC... I can't believe it! Yet another post where I feel like you're writing about MY life, instead of yours! Little RJ has just not realized that he is the 4th child and therefore simply CANNOT have me all to himself. He doesn't sleep lying down and must be in the Nap Nanny or the vibrating bouncy seat (or next to my boob!) ALL NIGHT LONG or during naps. And I thought I was doing something wrong by having to tell the other kids to STAY AWAY 87 times a day. Oh how you make me feel like I am normal and not crazy! Thank You Morgan!!


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