Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My Garden Report

My garden last year was small and simple. It grew really well though! It was just little.

My garden this year (different yard!) was an utter and complete fiasco. I mean like 3 tiny tomatoes. Everything else, EVERYTHING ELSE died.


Well, it is a very shady yard. I planted our garden in the brightest spot I could find this spring. Then all the trees grew leaves, and all the shrubs grew back and nothing survived.


Oh, wait, I forgot. In addition to the three tiny tomatoes (that Oliver ate) we got two small strawberries.

SO SO tragic.

But, word has gotten out that 1. My garden was a failure and 2. My children love produce.

And kindly neighbors have brought us tomatoes, squashes, zukes, cukes, peaches (oh sweet peaches!), lettuce, and on and on. Yum.

Neighbor tomatoes!!

So, yes, garden=dead, but neighbors=kind. We're still enjoying garden produce, I just had nothing to do with it.


Alisha said...

Sure you did. If you weren't a kind and loving neighbor your neighbor would never have known to share. So go you!

Brian and Kelsey said...

That's awesome that your neighbors shared. Remember in Wisconsin when we faced the same problem...You ll probably have to start in a green house in NH cause I think it gets cold there..


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