Monday, September 10, 2012

Miri, Week Four

My squishy little goosh, Miriam, is getting bigger.

Four weeks tomorrow.

She knows nights from days.

She naps pretty well.

She is loved dearly by her brothers.

Miriam gulps her food like crazy and then cries until you plunk her up on your shoulder like a sack of taters and thump her heartily on the back for several minutes. She belches, she fusses, just keep thumping!

Standing and bouncing is particularly loved by her as well during her air bubble/gas attacks.

It's been absolutely delightful getting to know her. She's sweet, and darling. Her cheeks are satin and her hair is as soft as peach fuzz.


1 comment:

Amber C said...

4 weeks already? Oh my goodness! She sounds a lot like her cousin Becca. We just had to keep thumpin' her.
Any signs of acid reflux like a couple of her brothers? She's such a cutie pie! I love her squishy cheeks!


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