Thursday, September 6, 2012

Another New Thing

We've spent the summer trying not to die of the heat. Truly. This summer has been one of the hottest ever (excepting of course Vegas summers, of which we celebrated TWO).

When it wasn't so dreadfully hot that we wished we lived in Antarctica, the boys and I would get out and walk places, like the library. It's not far, and well, walking is good.

We've stepped it up a bit lately, walking to the bank, the grocery store, Derek's office, McDonald's (Diet Coke and 4 water cups please!).

Don't stress, Derek comes too.

For one thing it's cooling off a tiny bit (like under 100 degrees) which makes walking more than 100 yards tolerable. For another, we need the exercise (six pounds to go until I'm happy!) for a final, our car sucks and family outtings are not fun when, as you drive down the road, your car just decides to throw a tantrum and shut off.

We'd LIKE to fix it of course,  but not today, so we walk. :)

The cool thing is, other than Spencer complaining a bit (really it's not terrible!) we have a nice time together. It burns off the seemingly unending energy of my little boys (except Ezra who mostly rides in the stroller), and allows us time to be together. It's cool.

It's also quite warm and sunny.

So, I spend a good deal of my time shading Miss Miriam with my hands. I fashioned her a head-covering the other day because I can't find any of the shade-hats from the boys and really, no one wants a three-week-old with sunburn.

She's not too keen on the stroller/car seat combo, so I sling her on our walks. She naps. It works.

I do wonder how long it'll last, really, but for now, until the weather turns nasty, it's fun. And by THEN we'll have the car a bit more functional. :)

Good times.

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Brian and Kelsey said...

Sounds like fun! Don't you get hot and sweaty with a baby attached to you?


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