Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Let Freedom Ring (Photo Bomb Part Deux!)

We started the morning off with a 4th of July Breakfast, Program and BIKE PARADE.

That little biker there is Oliver. SO CUTE!

Then we grilled with my siblings. It was fun eating in my backyard because well, it's a hill. Gravity liked to pull things downward, messes were made. It was great.

Then it was time for some cold hose water. Because it is hot. And it's summer. And the aunts were willing to run and play. What could be better?

Then we made "fireworks hats" which was me acting like my mother. She is crazy about the 4th and we used to make costumes, hats, musical instruments, and parade around the neighborhood. I drew the line at parading, but hats, yes, Those were required.

Then we watched (part of) 1776. Oh that movie, Wonderful tradition.

Then the aunts and uncles went home, and we did our fireworks. It was bright outside, yes, because it was only 6pm, but dang it, it was fun. These cute boys were quite obedient and stayed on the blanket, while Daddy did the lighting.

Ezra had some concerns.

Some were a bit loud.

Most liked it.

Did you know that I kind of HATE sparklers?  Why do you want to hold a stick of burning flame? It makes no sense.

And yet. It's tradition.

(Ezra is NOT holding one, he's just watching!)

How many more pictures could I show you? Like 2 dozen, but I'll stop now because I'm exhausted. It was a great great holiday. And the stupid thing is that since it is WEDNESDAY, tomorrow is back to the regular routine. Silly non-weekend holiday!

Night friends!

1 comment:

Lori said...

Tell your insanely cute boys to stop growing. Please and thank you. Happy 4th to the Hagey Family!!! :)


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