Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Nine and half years ago, my sweet husband-to-be bought me a lovely, sparkly ring. I really love it. It's beautiful. I told him before we ever got engaged that I didn't WANT a big diamond. But... well, my dude assumed I was being merely frugal, and bought me one anyway.

And I loved it.

But it's been... um... about 8 years since I've worn that beauty with any frequency other Sundays. I just found it to be  very difficult to keep on my finger. It's NOT that I don't think it's gorgeous. It is.

Frankly, it's just not practical. I wash dishes, wipe butts, work all day long with my hands. A diamond ring just isn't realistic TO ME (I know most women absolutely do not agree with me and go about their daily tasks with their rings firmly on their fingers. I do not knock these women.)

So, for the last many years I've been mostly, daily, ringless. I would throw it on for doctor's appointments and church but that was it. Proudly, it's never grown too small, not even in five pregnancies. But, still, it remains largely ignored.

My fab partner realized that I could use a band. Just a plain ole band.

And look what came today?

 An early (by a month and a day) birthday present.

What a guy.

And here I am 9 months pregnant, and it fits. I say this with great pride. :)

I am married again, right and proper!


Matt and Carolyn said...

That is awesome! Due to just the number of times I have gouged my kids with my ring, I really should invest in something like that. It looks great! And hooray for non-swollen fingers!

Erin said...


MBC said...

I have the same feelings about rings for the same reasons. My husband bought me a band instead of a diamond and then I lost it in the garden before we'd even been married a year, so that's just one more reason I shouldn't be given a diamond--there's no guarantee it won't end up buried somewhere near the potatoes.

BloggingBills said...

It is beautiful! I think that beats the 'tattoo' idea all to heck!


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