Monday, July 16, 2012

Legit Concern

This is silly. 

This is my 5th baby.

You would THINK I had it all figured out by now.

I know the drill.

I know how this all works.

And yet.

Here I bounce on my yoga ball (I have NEVER used it for yoga) and I am plagued with worry.

What if I'm pregnant for another five weeks? Six?

I'm fairly certain I'll die.

See, all my kids have come just a day or two shy of that infamous "estimated due date" and well. What if THIS IS THE ONE that decides that 42 weeks is where it's at?

It's silly.

It's irrational.

But not entirely unrealistic.

I have told my own clients, "Babies come when they are ready" more times than should be acceptable...

And yet.

Here I bounce, desperately afraid that I'll be birthing a 12 pound girl-wrestler in the beginning of September.

Did I mention that if that happens, I'll expire?

I wish I could forget about the calendar, forget about the dates, forget about the 28 days until I'm actually supposedly "due", because that would make it much much less obnoxious in general to be as pregnant as I am knowing full-well it could go on for A LONG TIME still.

But I can't.

Oh my gosh, what if this baby is born in September?


hannahw said...

LOL I hear ya... I went 41 weeks and birthed a gorgeous little girl (8lbs, posterior, fast and glorious homebirth) just last Tuesday. And I didn't die.. or expire lol

McEuens said...

I'm trying to be sympathetic. Really, I am. ;)

kmb said...

Hang in there beautiful! I gave up when close to 42 weeks...then he came. :) They come eventually right?! xo


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