Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Oh friends.

That old pregnancy reality has hit.


See, we put all four of our boys in one room. Because we like to do that.

No, really, it's so hot it's like we live in hell right now. And our house is so special that we can't run too many electrical devices at once or we pop circuits. So with the heat, we've got them all in one room with a window unit a/c to keep them from baking.

That means that that we had an empty room RIGHT ACROSS THE HALL from me.

Which meant that regardless the fact that kidlets sleep in MY room for months (and months and months) Baby Girl needed a room. For her CLOTHES ALONE. (OH my baby girl).

So, she got a room.

And what with my budget being small ($0) it was so much fun (I'm being completely serious) making a room out of things I already had. Curtains? Old bed sheet. I love it. It's about 100 degrees in there so she'll never EVER sleep there but I still love it.

THEN the boys, well, I felt guilt. I mean, SHE (who isn't even here yet) gets her own room. And I shove them all into a room like it's summer camp? (Albeit a nice cool breezy summer camp.)

So, once again I nested their room right into the bat cave.  They LOVE it. And I didn't even take a picture but seriously, all I did was make them batman curtains. And BAM. Bat Cave.

THEN (oh I'm so sorry, did you think I was DONE? No.) I realized that I could not allow this baby to come into our family with my hoarding room looking the way it did.

Wait, Morgan, did you just say "hoarding room"? Yes. It's supposed to be an office. But it was just a room that I would stay away from at all costs.

Except now? After an intense weekend, it's an office. And the hoarding room is no more.

THEN  (HAHAH!) the trouble was everything that came OUT of the hoarding room was now in the storage/laundry room, which made the room unuseable. ONE MORE DAY (and I made Derek help!)  and wham-o, a storage room I am not ashamed of.

(Everything I needed to sort/store. Oh my.)

Gorgeous, right?

Basically, I'm insanely nest-y. My kitchen floor is in dire need of a mopping, but dang it all to heck, everything else is in perfect condition.

My next goal is to keep the laundry sorted and put away, because a baby can't possibly come if my laundry is in baskets.

Five weeks from today is the due date. So, I have five weeks to learn to put laundry away as soon as it comes out of the dryer. Do you think? Can I do it?


BloggingBills said...

I am insanely jealous of your insane nesting. I have this garage......and we will get home a week before little girl comes......so........how about it?
Seriously, we are SO proud of you and the work you did. It looks great!
Love ya,

Sara said...

Wouldn't it be just awful if after all this beautiful... beautify-ing your little girl ended up to be a boy. j/k

Morgan -Ing said...

Thanks Mom!

Haha, Sara! We are well-prepared for that possiblity. Boys I can do. :)

cheekybabyboutique said...

basically i wnat to know what names you're thinking you told me a girl name but that was moons ago.. ok that was pre oliver...

Yasmine said...

I wish the nesting instinct stuck around for a few years after the babies......alas, it does not. BUT you have still inspired me to try to organize SOMETHING. Thanks, and good luck getting ready for a girl? (Still seems so foreign to me.)

Alisha said...

You are an inspiration. I am NOT pregnant and my garage is full of crap - I am sure that at least half of it I can just give it away or throw out - but that packrats that are the rest of my family ... they are convinced we should do something but aren't wanting to actually part with anything.

I don't know how you do it.

Can I come and watch your kids sometime? Or take them out?

Love you!


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