Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Dream Come True

We had the opportunity to ride the Heber City train this past weekend (aka the Heber Creeper) and oh my what fun was had.

IT WAS SO SO HOT! The a/c in the suburban was broken, so the drive was hideous, and then the train was hot and crowded. but goodness, it was fun. The boys didn't seem to notice the heat as forcefully as the parents did. Henry said it's because they have thicker skin.

Our little fellows LOVED the train, loved the free candy, loved the banjo player and magician and LOVED their key chain souvenirs.

Basically, it was a dream come true for these little men. 

We had a great time visiting our friends for dinner and then headed home to our beds to dream of train rides.

It is SO much fun as a mama to watch the babes take in adventures such as these, every little moment is an experience. They soak it it in, they live and breathe it. It's just pure and fun. 
 (The train whistle was VERY VERY loud!)

So, I'm thankful to friends from church who gifted us tickets. We never ever would have gone otherwise, mostly because I don't think it would have ever occurred to us.

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