Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A True Story

Yesterday, the boys and I were hanging out in my room, while I was trying to put my shoes on.

At one point, a crazy kid turned on the TV in my room.

While being distracted by my phone being broken, I said, "TURN OFF THE TV!" I turned off my phone in an attempt to fix my phone. At the exact moment I turned off my phone, the TV turned off.

I figured someone had actually been obedient.

"Okay, everyone out! Get your shoes on your feet!" Little boys complied.

I turned my phone back on.

At the EXACT MOMENT my phone came on, the TV turned on again.


Somehow, I don't know how, my phone had become a REMOTE CONTROL FOR MY TELEVISION.

I couldn't in any way shape or form explain how such a miracle had occurred. Basically, my phone was magic.

I climbed off my bed, staring in wonder at my little mildly intelligent smart phone that now seemed to be capable of everything, ANYTHING. I looked out of my doorway, and there was Spencer.

Spencer, holding the tv remote smiling like a mad man.

Yeah. My phone isn't brilliant or magic.

And Spencer is a goober.


Alisha said...

What a delightful little narrative - and I can totally visualize this happening :)

Lori said...

Hilarious!!! I love him! ... and YOU! :)

Skylar said...

Too funny! But I bet there might be an app for that! ;) and this is very funny to me because since DHs name is Spencer, and he's a prankster, this could have totally been my morning too. Lol.

Brian and Kelsey said...

Do you think he was intentionally timing it so that it went with your phone? Haha either way it is funny. :-).


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