Tuesday, May 29, 2012

How Do I Do What Now?

A acquaintance at church recently asked (with thinly veiled horror) "How do you do it? With all four home all the time? How do you stand it?"


I love these kinds of questions, because how does anyone do anything? Because it's what you have to do, or have chosen to do, or whatever. It's LIFE.

I did laugh a bit when she asked, because she was genuinely confused. I just said "Oh, well, I'm used to it, it's all I know." And while people are scrambling to find ways to survive the summer, I am keeping my expectations LOW.

Low expectations work pretty darn well around here. Once again, there shall be no themed weeks or anything of the sort. I simply am not that good of a mother.

Instead, as I've mentioned before, we'll stay close to home, do our school work and play outside.

Would you like to see how we sum up a successful day at our house?

Warm weather and grass and dirt.

Which ends up in layers upon layers of filth by the end of the day. Would you like  a close up of the filth?

Of course you do.


Are you exhausted and covered in dirt/filth of various varieties by the end of the day?

If the answer is "yes" at this house then: summer success.


That is how I do it.


McEuens said...

Yep. "Because I have to." That's always been my response whenever anyone has said something to me to the effect of "I don't know how you do it."

Rebecca said...

Love the low expectations thing! I just can't bring myself to do theme weeks and stress myself by urging my kids to do them! Most days I don't allow too much tv, video games are for the hot afternoons, and being bored is not that big a deal to me. I think if they get bored, they will figure out how to use their brains!


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