Monday, March 5, 2012

You are Not Alone

I am hesitant to write this because it isn't my story.

But, I am haunted and sad and I feel like I MUST. So I will.

A roommate and friend from college lost her 15 month old baby this weekend in an accident. Just an every day bonk on the head. And then he was gone.

I can't grasp the pain, sorrow and all the other things she, her husband and family must be feeling.

And I can't even TRY. The reality that she is feeling it is so hard to think about and to bare that I cry just if it flits passed my consciousness.

But in all this, the Savior is with them. It's evident in the way she is handling it. I am amazed. I am in awe.  And I'm so thankful for a Father in Heaven who is ever mindful of His children.

I've never been one to blame God for bad things. No, I don't believe that's how it works. He sends us to earth, a place where choices can be made, where science and biology exist. Basically, where CRAP happens. Yes, sometimes I believe He intervenes and sometimes, (most times) He lets it all play out. He loves us as perfectly as God can. He is the perfect parent. He lets us struggle and learn and grow and complain to Him.

And so, we accept the sorrow with the joy.

My friend has demonstrated this so perfectly that I can't help but look on in utter amazement. She and her husband are grieving, deeply. But they are not alone. And they know it.

And this weekend has literally changed me. I can't be the same person I ever was before. Earth life is so fleeting, so quick. And I find that I am terribly aware of it now. I can't care about the stupid little frustrations like I did before Saturday. They are NOT important.

What is important is that we love, we live, we care for those we can with the best in us. And when we  fail (of course we fail) we can pray and try again. God is just that merciful, there is always always redemption. And He carries us when the earthly life we volunteered for becomes too much. Too painful. He reminds us, that we are not alone. Through comfort and peace we feel, through the service of other people, and sometimes through the literal support of angels.

I am so grateful for that knowledge, that in this beautiful, terrible, blessed life, no matter what trials come, we are not alone. The Savior who has borne our griefs and knows us better than we know ourselves stands at the ready to buoy us up. He has been there, He has done that. He knows.

He knows.

Say a prayer for my friend and her family today if you get a chance. Send up a prayer that they'll be carried and comforted in this time of unspeakable challenge and trial.

Thanks friend. Thank you.


Yasmine said...

One of my friends just had a tragedy in her family-- her 5 yr old fell out a 2nd story window and is fighting for his life. I know how you feel, as the friend, watching another family go through stuff. It really puts your life in perspective. The night I heard I crept into McKay's room to just stare at him, and found that Jason had already crawled in bed with him. I just can't imagine if it were us.......

Morgan -Ing said...

Oh Yaz, I'm sorry. That is so hard. Admittedly, I've been squeezing my kids especially tight the past two days. Especially my own little 15 month old. I'm finding him hard to resist.

Chelsea said...

Prayers from our place.

The Nelsen Family: said...

I couldn't have said it better myself....haunted is definitely the right word. I can't stop thinking about it, and every time I do, I cry. I feel so weak in comparison. I agree, I'm not sure I'll view things the same after this. And I know that might sound silly, since I'm not close to them and I'd never even met this particular son, but this incident has so altered my perspective and increased my desire to live the gospel more fully. I find myself trying even harder to be patient with my boys and hugging them even tighter.

Morgan -Ing said...

Kara- I feel exactly the same way.

Thanks Chels!

BEK said...

Very sad, but your faith is evident. Praying.

Morgan -Ing said...

Thank you Becca. :)


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