Tuesday, March 6, 2012

There is Beauty All Around

Yesterday was a good day. Spring was pretending to be here (I say this tonight, as snow is swirling hither thither and yon). The boys wanted fresh air and dirt. I wanted a distraction and some fresh air myself. So out we went.

I sat on a piece of cardboard to keep  my bum dry and let them run. And splash and dig.

It felt so good, to watch my children play, to feel thankful for my blessings so very fully, right then, in the moment.

It was beautiful.

This baby is obsessed with basketball or "bahball" as my sweet boy says.
From March 2012

Why we needed Oliver's tongue in this picture, I do not know. 
From March 2012

Henry is currently in love with this milk jug. 
From March 2012
Spencer found a popsicle mold and smuggled it into the back yard. 
From March 2012
This is my new favorite picture. 
From March 2012
"Hey guys, let's build something." And so they did.
From March 2012

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