Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Because I needed ONE MORE THING

From February 2012
Yes, folks, I'm taking up knitting. 

And by "taking up" I mean, I bought all the stuff, and I have YouTube. 

It's going AWESOME. I've gotten as far as what is referred to as "casting on." This is different than casting I have done in the theater. This involves string and a pointy stick. Just one. 

But that part is done and now I'm supposed to use TWO needles. I don't QUITE understand the YouTube on this point, so if I could ever EVER convince Ez that bedtime is HAPPY time, maybe just maybe I could figure it out? 

And did you know there is "English" knitting and "Continental" knitting? What the heck? 

I just want to do cute things with yarn! 

Sewing is wonderful, I really do enjoy it. But it's not a "pick it for a 5 minutes" type of hobby. It takes great prep and time, and resources. I feel like knitting could be something I just pick up, knit (OR PURL????) a row, lay it down, and come back later, ya know? Sort of a hobby on the go. My current hobby on the go is checking the Facebook on my phone.... not terribly fulfilling ifyouknowwhatImean. 

So, wish me luck, friends, I'm off to knit (OR PURL?)! 


Sara said...

So Morgan, I believe I have a few things for you. :) Can you email me your address?

ctrchick at ldsinbox dot com

Shades of Gray said...

GOOD LUCK! Knitting can be very enjoyable!

Jen said...

ha ha! I love your comment about FB as your hobby on the go--yeah, that's mine too. Definitely not fulfilling--esp, if you find yourself doing it too often that there's not even anything new to read! I'm attempting to do something like read part of a book/magazine instead of always checking FB!

Erin said...

i will show you how to knit! it's easier if someone shows you and moves your hands a bit and, in a fortunate turn of events, I will be in Utah next week afterall! HUZZAH!


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