Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A New Day!!

So apparently I needed a week off.


My little brother, Caleb, came home from his two year mission for the LDS church in Brazil today.

These are all the grandkids wearing matching shirts waiting at the airport. Oliver is indeed in the picture, you just can't see him.
From March 2012
Excuse the absolute garbage photo, we had a photag there but obviously don't have those pictures yet. Someone smudged my phone. Sigh. 
It was SURREAL to see him after two full years. But oh so good. He's still Caleb, just more... ya know? Missions have an incredible way of sort of maturing a person.

It was amazing to have all the siblings together for a few hours before a sister hoped a plane to see her husband.

Family is such blessing. Sibling are like nothing else in this world, and I am so very grateful for a whole gaggle of them.

In other news, stay tuned for tomorrow night. We have our fetal well-being ultrasound, and we're hoping for a peek at what type of baby. So, if we get a look, I'll let you know.

Good night friends.

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