Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day Eve

Okay, I know Valentine's Day is kind of not a real holiday. I KNOW.

But I can't help but enjoy getting into it a bit.

First, could February drag ANY WORSE? Seriously, there is a reason it's so short.

And Valentine's Day right smack dab in the middle (except this year with it's extra day) is a nice way to keep it moving.

And my kids LOVE it.

So, we got started today with a home school group Valentine's Day card exchange. It was great! The boys really REALLY loved it.
From February 2012
(Smudgy camera, sigh)
From February 2012
From February 2012

Then I made some felt decor to jazz up the house. The boys thought this was FABULOUS. I had them paint "Valentine's pictures" which really turned into regular painting.

From February 2012
Tomorrow we'll have our Valentine's Breakfast and one more Valentine's party.

Plus tomorrow is our (as in Derek and Myself's) 10th anniversary of our first date. Silly, I know, but still fun to remember.

So yeah, I like V-Day. Sue me.

Happy Day Tomorrow, Lovers!

1 comment:

Brian and Kelsey said...

I'm glad you like Valentine's Day! It sounds like a lot of fun traditions are in the making. I am not so much a Valentine's Day fan. It's fun to do stuff with my class but Brian and I don't really do anything for Valentine's Day.


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