Tuesday, February 7, 2012


From February 2012
Our days here are pretty ordinary. They revolve around meals and nap times.

Yesterday EVERYONE needed naps. But in the end, I only succeeded in napping 3 out of 4 (darn that Henry thinking 6 is "too big" for a nap!). 

So rather than attack the dishes/laundry/dirty floors, Henry and I had some one-on-one math time. I realize that sounds really lame and kind of weird, but Henry really digs math and especially when you add in manipulatives. He really "gets" it, you know?

From February 2012
My interest waned long before his did, and eventually his counting, organizing and pattern-making shifted into castle/house making, Spencer woke up and joined him, and I got the laundry sorted. 

Yes, that's how our days tend to go, flowing from one to another moment. Here and there. 

I know some people think stay-at-home moms must be bored. They must not have much to do. 

I can honestly say, that even with the most mundane of tasks, I'm rarely bored. I'm kept on my toes by boys who ask endless questions, who disappear into the bathroom and organize all the soap (Spencer... who knows why?!),  meals to prepare, budgets to keep (yuck) and things to do! (Poopy diapers x 5 yesterday! YES! I need to potty-train OLIVER! I KNOW! I KNOW!) 

It's not glamorous, nor does it vary much from day to day. 

But it's my life and my choice. And I do love it. More than I think I could have guessed. 

And on days when boredom IS threatening, well, then there's the rec center for "raquetball" (Ezra's favorite thing of all time, next to basketball).

Or, today's grand adventure: Target to buy baby wipes. 


If I'm a very good girl at the store, I might even stumble upon a Diet Coke on the way home. (YES! I have mostly given up the dark drink of the devil, BUT every now and again, it's a lovely prize for getting to and from the store with all four children present, accounted for and in one piece!!!)

Yes, friends, the life of a stay-at-home mom is NOT fancy or full of accolades. 

But it's good stuff, nonetheless. 

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BloggingBills said...

For the 15 years that I was blessed to be a stay-at-home mom I can say I was never bored. Busy, overwhelmed, tired, many times too snarky, but not bored. Too much to do and not enough time to get it done, and that doesn't count all the housework! Enjoy it cuz it doesn't last and all too soon they are gone and you wonder when you got old and how it snuck up on you.
Love ya and the boys too!


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