Friday, February 17, 2012

I have a visual brain...

I have been itching to sew lately. I have a basket full of mending that is in desperate need of attention. but that's not fun.

From February 2012
I bought this awesome book months ago, but never got to try anything out. We moved, the Holidays and on and on.

I finally got to a project this week!! I am so proud. There was a time when a simple sewing project did NOT take two weeks preparation and contemplation. That time is not now.
From February 2012

ANYWAY. I got the "Treasure Pocket Pants" all cut out and went to "STEP ONE". I read it.

I said, "WHA??"

I read it again. "With RIGHT sides together...."

People. I am NOT a novice. I can literally sew pretty much anything. I mean, I have done A LOT of sewing in my time.

And STEP ONE of the FIRST project I attempted in this book full of beautiful clothes that I want to make, and I am stumped.

I tried several different ways it COULD be explaining it, to no avail.

Derek wan't home to explain it to me.

(When my visual brain fails to understand written instructions, I turn to the pictorials to explain it to me. These particular pictorials were NOT helping and it seemed that the crucial point of confusion did not HAVE a picture. That is when I typically make Derek read it to me and explain it.)

I angrily packed up and grumped. I was stuck on STEP ONE.


I puzzled it over the next 24 hours. I could NOT make sense of this stupid step. The frustration was I KNEW if I could get that step out of the way, I would be golden.

Finally, I forgave the book for making me furious. I got everything out and tried. Again.

And I FINALLY FIGURED IT OUT! I had been doing it backwards.


THEN I sewed the legs on wrong. Twice.

Then I sewed the front and the back to one another in the wrong place.

I eventually got it all worked out into a pair of actually wearable pants.
From February 2012
From February 2012

Henry likes them. He got the first draft because he's been needing a new pair of pants anyway. He had a couple of jealous brothers at the unveiling. I now have three more pairs to make.

Best get going. At least I know I can get past the dreaded STEP ONE now.


Amber C said...

Cute! Makes me wish my son was a bit younger to enjoy that!
Oh and you miss counted! You need to make 4 more, because we all know that this baby (be it boy or girl) will come out want a pair too! You're a sewing genius!

Amber C said...

Strike the previous comment. I showed DJ#2 the pictures and explained the pants and he begged me to make him some. He was disappointed that I stink at sewing and then begged me to beg you to make him a pair. I may need the directions or I could just make him wait until/if we come out to Utah. What do you think?


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