Monday, February 27, 2012

And We're Back!

Some of you noticed this weekend the good old blog was suddenly set to "private."

But it's not now.

We had some...uh... technical difficulties? Technical being some perfectly lovely individual took his anger about an article I wrote elsewhere out on this here blog. (Who knew that "10 Essentials for Newborns" would piss so many people off?)

Anyway, I deleted the comment (and my not nice response) and then turned my blog to private while I decided how to handle my new friend.

So now, Anonymous comments are NO LONGER ALLOWED. I didn't even really worry about it in the past, but this guy, he took it too far (if you're reading, Anon, I got your email too! Your point was made, thanks ever ever so much!)

 I also realized that in my own personal-this-is-my-blog-and-I'll-do- what-I-want-opinion, anonymous is obnoxious.

If you have something to say and it's so bad that you can't say it with at least a FAKE name attached, then guess what? I don't want to hear it.

People sometimes use the internets as their own personal dumping ground for their own issues and emotions. This is totally allowed, of course, but it isn't always kind.

So, I tend to believe that if you wouldn't say it to someone's face, then you probably shouldn't say it to them at all.

I love that you come here to read and hopefully find some entertainment dear friends. I'm sorry to those that emailed about the whole, "Uh where did your blog go?"!

No worries. I'm still here, rambling away as usual.

LOVE YOU! Kisses! Muah!


Jae said...

AGREED! Anonymous comments are almost always someone being a big fat jerk and it annoys me. But I liked your KSL piece!!

BEK said...

Sorry to hear you were treated poorly. Good job taking care of yourself, and setting the boundaries that would keep you safe.

Tonya said...

I glanced through the offending article and cannot possibly see what could have offended anyone! I agree - if you're going to comment, be have enough conviction about what you are saying sign your name! Anon. is a total copout.

Tina said...

UGH. That sucks. Unfortunately, blogging sometimes comes with the crazies!

I found your blog through our birth board on Baby Center and I just wanted to say hi!

Brian and Kelsey said...

I read your article and the comments most of which were stupid. (the comments not the article). I had to laugh a little cause the whole co sleeping comment that someone left...I wanted to be like ummm the author a) said co sleeping could be done safely and provided a link. And b) has her 15 month old still sleeping in her bed. Which also answers the slightly snide comment left about baby monitors and having to hear your baby in the middle of the night cause your babies sleep next to your bed. Anyway, I'm done.


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