Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Clocking Out

From Drop Box
Thing are continuing onward (and upward? Maybe? I hope?), and I find that MOST days I blink and I'm whisking small boys off to bed and bidding them a "goodnight, I love you, NO NOISE!" as I close their doors.

Then I think, "PHEW!"

And then we do it all again.

Ezra still wakes up way more than I would prefer, starting two hours after I put him to bed (so roughly 9pm) but I do get two blissful hours of quiet. Most nights, Derek isn't here. He's off working, so it's REALLY REALLY quiet.

I love my job. I love each day's challenges and rewards and stupid little mundane things.

And I love clocking out.

I love when they are all asleep, looking perfectly cherubic. I can forgive their indiscretions and forget the petty dumb things I was upset about earlier.

It's quiet.

I like that.

I also like eating foods I have no interest in sharing (as in ice cream) after they are tucked up in the bedrooms fast asleep.

We've had sick kids for a few weeks now. And so my evenings are often filled with a kid (or two) who didn't quiet get the memo that bedtime is SACRED.

Last night Ezra was up coughing like crazy, but happy to enjoy destroying my kitchen otherwise. I was thoroughly enjoying his antics, except, I wished he'd quit coughing and go to bed.

I'm missing my nightly veg.

I have found that I rely on it.

I don't mind when a kidlet has needs to be met. But I'm looking forward to getting my two hours of down time back.

Because I do not like sharing my ice cream.


Tonya said...

Morgan, I love this! I so get it. My clock-out time is about 8:30, and that hour, that blessed hour between 8:30 and 9:30 (if I can make it that long) is sacred. As the kids grow older, I find that it is difficult to honor that hour of me-time. Teenagers don't understand it, and often want my attention past 8:30. Sigh...

Donna Maree said...

I hear you Morgan! My problem is that by the time I have my tribe of 5 in bed and settled and get the washing on, do the dishes and organise the required itmes for the following day, that I am having my precious uninterupted time far too late!

Ah well, one day I will have too much time on my hands and wish to turn the clock back...

Brian and Kelsey said...

It makes me feel good that you don't like sharing ice cream. Cause I hate sharing certain foods and I always feared that being a grown up meant not minding to give kids your food.


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