Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Obligatory Halloween Post

From October 2011
Yesterday afternoon, about 3:00, as I was gathering Halloween things for the big trick or treat, I realized the top of Spencer's ninja costume was MIA. This is mysterioso because he had worn it to the church trunk or treat on Wednesday. It had most likely been washed, since I found the bottom half in my clean laundry (pile).

So, thus began the great sew-motion of Halloween twentyeleven. Henry and Oliver also decided that their costumes were not *quite* what they had hoped for. So, within 1 hour and 16 minutes, I completed Spencer's costume, added hoods to to boys' all ready already costumes, and whipped up some arm bands and belts for authenticity's sake. Dontcha wish you'd been around for all the fun??
From October 2011

And then after a delicious dinner with my parents and Alice, we were off into the night. Initially, I was the "candy handerouter" but dang that got boring very fast. So I left a cauldron on the door step with a polite note asking people to take ONE. Yeah. No. I was robbed people. ROBBED. This is not a full-of-kids neighborhood and every last piece was taken. Stinker-butt kids.

But whatev, because I got to witness Oliver asking for "just one more" from people, who were so smitten with my little ninja that they handed him handfuls.

And the big boys tried that trick too. It didn't work quite as well.

We saw monsters and a BIG dragon. And Ezra hung out happily in Derek's sling eating his glow stick the entire time.

From October 2011
From October 2011
(Do you see the chocolate drool drop on Derek's leg? Can you guess what Ez did next?) 

Basically, it was a Halloween dream come true.

The end.


Amber C said...

Love it all! Even the last minute sewing. You're the bomb...mom. The boys looked great!

Alice said...

It was a halloween dream come true for me too. So glad I could share it with you all. I had a blast! :)

Lori said...

The two year-old crowd definitely has the market cornered in the candy department, no question. People will bend over backward to accommodate them. Also, I so enjoyed Ez's prelude to a puke ... thank you for that. Classic. =) The boys looked darling ... well done lady!


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