Thursday, October 27, 2011

Stupid Good Stupid Good

Today started out stupid.
Then it got good. 
Then it got real stupid again. 
Now it's good again.

Our new special car wouldn't start cuz it wasn't PLUGGED in. Ridiculous. 
WONDERFUL day of school. Trees, field guides, leaves and bark rubbings, oh my. Such fun. 
From October 2011
Stupid: The landlord stealing our garage door opener at the OLD house when I was there to attempt to empty the garage. This was supposed to be the last time we went to the old house!

So, Henry and I broke in to the garage. The drop was way too far from the window to the ground. Luckily we'd left the slide outside the garage the last trip, so I stuck it through the window and VIOLA! Instant fun. 
From October 2011

More stupid: Continued car trouble. Doors that wouldn't latch shut. Freezing cold children. Derek at work. My sweet sweet daddy driving 40 minutes to save us. 

Takes the cake stupid: The car simply needed a screwdriver shoved in the latch whilst holding the door handle up. Seriously?

Worst worst worst: Ezra screaming nonstop until his voice was basically gone for the entire 40 minute drive home. 

Good again: Hot chocolate with my kids and my dad after the car disaster. That was fun. And then to complete the night, Derek was home when we got there (a rarity!) and helped put tired grumpy babies to bed. I tried to cheer Ezra up with the baby in the mirror. He wasn't terribly interested at first. Then decided to be happy. All four babies fell asleep basically the moment their heads hit the pillows. 
From October 2011
From October 2011

Annnndddddd scene.  


Lori said...

My Saturday evening was pretty stupid until I read this post ... now it's good ... everything's good ... as it usually is after I read your bloggy blog, which I love ... just like I love you, and your silly family who we're still super bummed left Las Vegas. Ugh!!! Anyway ... i need a follow-up on your morning sitch ... how's that coming along? Hope you're not still going from 0 to 60? Poor thing. =(

The Andersens said...

You look ah-mazing. Didn't you get the memo that you've birthed four boys? You're not supposed to look like that!! Love your blog my dear. I feel close despite being far away!!!


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