Thursday, November 17, 2011


From November 2011
My cute husband had a birthday. 33 now. I have know this man of my heart and dreams for ten years now. 


And he grows more endearing and darling and wonderful and perfect every year. 

Sorry for the schmalzy post, but I can't celebrate my love's birthday without being over-the-top disgustingly gushy. 

I won the lottery. 

Hard worker, crazy committed, fiercely loyal, he is my man. I'm thankful for him and all that makes him Derek. 

I'm thankful. I love you, Derek. Happy Birthday. 

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Lori said...

Derek's a good egg. As are you. I thought this the minute I first met you two. So glad you guys hitched your wagon's together ... two good egg's ought to be together. It makes sense. I dig you Hagey's, yes I do. Happy Thanksgiving good people of Utah ... who I wish were still good people of Nevada instead. (sigh)


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