Monday, November 14, 2011

Because I'm Mean

When your children do NOT clean up the basement before church, if you're nice, you give them one more chance AFTER church.

 If, after an HOUR, the basement is STILL NOT NEAT AND TIDY do the only thing you know how to do as a parent: Take away their beloved movie time.

 Let me make sure you understand how grave this is: They only get to watch ONE MOVIE A WEEK. ONCE.

 There was much weeping from Spencer. An hour's worth. Too bad, so sad. Sometimes a little pain is necessary.

 But since I'm just not THAT mean (SHUT UP, I'M NOT!) we went on a nature walk instead.
From Nov 2011
From Nov 2011
From Nov 2011
So lovely in the crisp fall evening, it was. Then home for lasagna soup and bed. (And a bit of Alice.)  

If only I could solve my weekly "Sunday headache that carries over into Monday" problem, we'd be all set. See? I'm only kind of mean. :)


Alice said...

You are incredibly mean. NOT. That soup was amazing btw. I want to be as good at making that soup as you. Too bad I am lazy and don't make soup. Nice nature walk. I want to go on one.

Tonya said...

Lasagna soup sounds yummy! Do share!


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