Thursday, November 10, 2011

In the Afternoon

Goodness, today was a busy day. Busy days are pretty much my favorite, next to cuddly restful days of course.

So now I'm ignoring the REST of the stuff on my list because my list is never ever done. Instead, I'm becoming one with my couch, while I consider waking up Ezra to give him cough medicine because he's coughing like crazy, but not waking up? Yes that was a question. I think I've settled on waiting until his hacking wakes him up.

This afternoon, I decided to spend some daylight hours outofdoors. Goodness knows, we're about out of those days. We've already had snow twice and I don't know how many more afternoons of warmth and golden sunshine we've got.

So, did I rake my yard?



I planted tulips and irises. The boys mixed up which bulbs were which, so who know what will come up where?

Then Ezra ate some leaves.
From November 2011

And I counted my blessings. I adore planting. And the idea of planting NOW in the golden sunshine, flowers that will sleep all winter and appear when the light returns in spring, lovely indeed.

Made only lovelier by my requests of the boys to NOT eat the bulbs, not smoosh each other's toes with the spade, and for heaven's sake, for the love of all that is holy, do not put dirt in the dog's ear!

I love my life.


Anna said...

Lexi did the same coughing thing last night. coughing all night but not waking up. TOnight we put the humidifier in her room and no coughing whatsoever.

Lori said...

You are very blessed indeed! List shmist ... I wish more Stay-At-Home Mom's would become one with their couches on occasion. Also ... Leaves = Fiber ... I believe? Or at least that's what I tell myself when my kids eat leaves. Hope Ezra is feeling better by now. Miss you girlie!


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